Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experiences

Contracted Trainer, Consultant and Writer , 1988 - now

Dept. of Human Services: Parent Liaison Parent Trainer for Mental Health Behavioral Aides 2014- 2015

Bright Water Montessori, Special Education Teacher, (2011-2013)

Minneapolis Public Schools, Special Education Teacher, Kindergarten - 12th grade, Learning Disabilities, Early Childhood Education, and Parent Education, 1989-2011


Master in Religious Leadership and Certificate in Black Church Leadership, 2017, United Theological Seminary, New Brighton, MN

Early Childhood Special Education, 2000, California State University at Dominguez Hills

B.A. Degree Creative Writing & Feminist Studies 1979, Immaculate Heart College, L.A, CA.

Art Performances

ANGRY BLACK WOMAN & Well Intentioned White Girl: A Conversation Play, 2016

Garden Statue at Suzanne Lacy’s The Dark Madonna 1986, Los Angeles, California

Urban Bush Woman’s Summer Leadership Institute’s culminating public performance, dancer and Storyteller, July, 2011, New Orleans, LA.


DHS Parent Trainer: Working with families who have children with Mental Illness, 2014

Urban Bush Women’s Summer Leadership Institute and People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, 2011

Writings and Grants

Springboard for the Arts, Artist & Aging Grant, 2016

Cultural Community Grant, Minnesota State Arts Board, 2015

Beyond the Pure Fellow, 2014

Minnesota Humanities Center Grant, 2013

Missing Mama: My story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing, a self-published memoir, 2011

Artist Residencies & Activities

YO MAMA’S A VERY SNOWY DAY (addressing climate change) 2017 - now

YO MAMA’s Water(ing) (W)hole, Pop Up Water Bars and Gyrating & Hydrating events

Northside Pop-Up Museum at Radical Presence at Walker Arts, 2014, (Minneapolis)

Tell Me Something Good & Northside Pop-Up Museum, Capri Theater, 2013 (Minneapolis)

YO MAMA’s The Art of Mothering Workshops 2010 – present (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maplewood)

KFAI Radio: YO MAMA presents “In the Spirit of Our Mothers” Explorations of Black Mothers through music and discussion for Black History Month, 2013 (Minneapolis

Kulture Klub: Baby Mama Rocking Chair Project with young homeless mothers, 2012 (Minneapolis)

Arts in Action: Our Stories: Memoir Writing with students at the Broadway Teen Mom High School, 2012 (Minneapolis)

YO MAMA’s The Art of Mothering Workshop Event: The Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired Chair, 2010, 2012 (Minneapolis)

Volunteer Work

Mobile Food Shelf Coordinator, Dickman Apartments in N.E. Minneapolis, 2015 - 2016

Residence Council Secretary, Dickman Apartments in N. E. Minneapolis, 2015-2017

Amoke introduces herself at a Minnesota Women's Press Conversation on April 25, 2018.

Amoke Kubat is a ”Northsider for life” who has been involved in empowering mothers and families since 1987. She is a Yoruba Priestess, teacher, artist and writer who partners with community artists, activists and organizations to bridge African/African American culture and historical contributions into transformative actions and social equitable practices for healing and building sustainable families and communities.

Amoke is the designer of YO MAMA! It is a “mothering” artistic practice. YO MAMA! is an art based support group called The Art of Mothering Workshops (where traditional women’s work is learned and art genres are explored) and provides custom designed ART Residencies for organizations that serve mothers. YO MAMA’s mission is to empower mothers by disrupting the devaluation of women’s invisible labor and showcasing their mastery of the art of mothering and the universal traditional women’s work that transforms into art making and economic security.

Amoke uses writing and art making to speak truth to power and to hold a position of wellness in an America sick with inequalities and inequities. Her writing includes published short stories, her memoir, a play and the Playbook for the play.

Books & Plays

Missing Mama

Missing Mama book.jpg

A young girl’s story of growing up black in Southern California, living on both sides of the track, surrounded by mentors, matriarchs, movie stars and malcontents, but no mama, Missing Mama is also a story of enlightenment, excitement, and exploration of a young woman coming of age in a turbulent time.

Angry Black Woman & Well Intentioned White Girl


This is what happened... Two friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long minute, had this exchange. One said, “I am so tired of being called ANGRY when I’m not. My frustration, annoyance, boredom, not giving any more @%#!s are all perceived as ANGER. I have many other emotions! I am so tired of being called an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN!”

The other friend, who had listened intently, replied, “Like the well intentioned white girl?” Their cognition of the intersectionality of shared dehumanizing and hurtful stereotypes stunned both women into silence. And that set into motion, the exploration for understanding and dismantling the Angry Black Woman and Well Intentioned White Girl stereotypes. RIP. Radical in Possibilities!

This play, ANGRY BLACK WOMAN & Well Intentioned White Girl “GOES THERE!” by expressing the daily “unsaids” between black and white women. The accusations and silences reflect our miseducation about each other - the superficial and deep conflicts around our womanhood, ethnicities, rights, power, and constant juxtaposition of roles within the politics of white male patriarchy. ANGRY BLACK WOMAN and Well Intentioned White Girl goes deep into those hidden, dehumanizing narratives, through storytelling and audience participation.