Yo Mama’s programs uplift mothers.
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Watering (W)HOLE

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Yo Mama's Watering (W)hole is a Pop Up Water Bar. This Water Bar is a space for serving local water to inform mothers and their families about the connections between water, care, community, and wellness in Minnesota. Dehydration is the onset of many illnesses and diseases. Being well hydrated has a positive impact on headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, muscle spasms, and more. YO MAMA is addressing the urgency of getting Mothers, especially those who are women of color or low income, to the discussions about water issues. Water must be safe and accessible to all living things.

Gyrating & Hydrating

YO MAMA’S “Gyrating & Hydrating Water Bar is a Pop -Up Event. Mothers are invited to move their bodies to African beats. After a wonderful warm up, circle dance and cool down, mothers make their own “specialty water” drinks that quench thirst, lubricates bodies and wets the appetite for healthy snacks and great conversations. Gyrating & Hydrating can be a one time event, weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. Organizations that serve mothers will find this to be a wonderful addition to their services. These Pop - Up events are free to mothers.

Climate Change Preparedness

Mothers are naturally first responders.

Mothers are naturally first responders.

YO MAMA is concerned that Mothers are not at the tables of the Global Climate Change conversations. In the event of natural disasters, toxic water, tornados, severe weather, etc. how do MAMAS prepare for the survival of self and loved ones? We need information, resources, skills, and allies. Mothers, naturally, are always the FIRST RESPONDERS. In addressing this urgency, YO MAMA offers the CLIMATE CHANGE and EXTREME EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Workshops to inform and strengthen their capacity to prepare, respond, and recover from weather related emergencies and manmade disasters.

Mothers meet with interested local environmentalists, scientists, activists, health practitioners, educators, community leaders, religious/spiritual elders and available elected officials to co-create Climate, Health and Preparedness ACTION PLANS. MAMAS’ written plans address their individual family needs in the event of emergencies related to climate change and manmade and natural disasters. Mothers build their own family BUG OUT BAGS (emergency kits) and form Neighborhood Block Responder Units.