If you’d like to help us build YO MAMA’S HOUSE you can either support us financially on Patreon or donate new supplies, materials, and tools. Here’s our current wishlist:

  • A tiny house for artist urban retreat, Airbnb, outdoor spiritual space

  • Art Space supplies for multiple genres of Art and Craft making

  • Traditional Woman’s Work Tools (sewing machines, washer/dryers, canning equipment, tools for basic repairs)

  • Office/Technology supplies for YO MAMA’s HOUSE Office Hub

  • Wellness Space: Floatation Tank, Sauna, Hot Tub, Aveda Products

  • Indoor/outdoor gardens (hydroponic, rooftop, hot house) with beehives

  • People to invest in YO MAMA’S HOUSE by becoming FICTIVE KIN (members) or helping with membership

  • Donated items for Art, Wellness, Kitchen, and Garden Spaces