YO MAMA is rooted in relationships.

YO MAMA and YO MAMA’S HOUSE sees members, supporting individuals, and community partnerships as fictive relationships. Fictive relationships are those relationships between people who share strong affection for another arising out of kinship, personal and social ties and maternal love that is not based on biology or marriage.

Individuals and organizations that partner with YO MAMA are doing the work to empower mothers. All YO MAMA and YO MAMA’S HOUSE activities and events are designed to connect women, as mothers, across age, ethnicity, gender, class, and cultures. In partnering with YO MAMA & YO MAMA’S HOUSE we are becoming family.

Participants & Teachers

Keegan Xavi - artist/teacher/environmentalist

Mankwe Ndosi - singer/writer/herbalist

Shanai Matteson - water tender/climate/artist

Starri Hedges - educator/artist

Sylvia Williams - dancer/gardener

Amoke Kubat - writer/educator/artist

Chiaki O’Brien - Saori Weaving Mentor

Donyelle Heddington - Dolls/healer

Ego Ahaiwe - archives/design/artist

Emily Y. Wright - musician/ukulele chaplain

Ethel Raelene Ash - artist

Past and Current Fictive Kinships

Art Shoppe Midtown Global Market

CAPRI Theater

City of Minneapolis

Colour Wheel Gallery

Eco District

GAIA Democratic School

The Healing Place


Hennepin Juvenile Justice

Intermedia Arts CCLI

Juxtaposition Arts

MN Women’s Press

National Park Service (MNPRA/MRF)

Nexus Community Partners

Northside Awesome Project

Northside Flow

Redeemer Church

River Life


Solid Ground (Transitional Housing)

Springboard for the Arts

St. Jane’s House

Teen Annex

United Theological Seminary


Village Financial Trust

Walker Community Church

Walker Art Center

Water Bar & Public Studio

Weisman Museum

Women’s Woodshop

Works Progress Studio


Become a Partner

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