YO MAMA’s philosophy and practice is to empower mothers by disrupting the devaluation of women’s invisible labor and increasing the recognition of the ART of Mothering. It is MOTHERS’ collective legacies of maternal wisdom and know how that informs, nurtures, and sustains women. Healthy mothers raise healthy children, families and communities.

Women wear many hats in their roles as mothers, artists, activists and healers. The work is 24/7/365. Sometimes we need our mamas’ mothering and mentoring. Sometimes we just need time and space for ourselves.

YO MAMA’S HOUSE COOPERATIVE envisions and offers that special HOMEY REGENERATIVE SPACE necessary for all mothers. It includes;

  • Art spaces (with materials to produce a variety of art genres)

  • Industrial kitchen (culinary skill building and catering)

  • Office Hub (computers, fax, copiers, scanners, Notary)

  • Wellness Wing (spa, sauna, walk in tub, meditation space)

  • Indoor and Outdoor Gardens for Apothecary and Food production

  • Beehives

  • Hot House

  • Urban Retreat and Artist Residency Spaces for WOC.

YO MAMA’S HOUSE continuously creates its own revenue streams to sustain itself by being an Airbnb, Urban Artists Retreat Space, and by retaining a small percentage of the sell of products from art making, the kitchen, gardens, hothouses, beehives and affordable services provided by members.

YO MAMA’S HOUSE will create internships, part time employment and training opportunities for Mamas entering or reentering the workforce.

Artwork by Raelene Ethel Ash.